AeroCad is the manufacturer and worldwide supplier of the AeroCanard kit aircraft, and advanced composite parts, for the experimental and general aviation industry. The AeroCad Company has been prefabbing molded parts and subassemblies for Long-EZs, Cozys, Berkuts, E-racers and other composite planes for over a decade. Our company has also been working at Sun-N-Fun and Oshkosh Workshops for the past several years to show homebuilders how to get higher quality components from vacuum bagging and different finishing techniques.

AeroCad is also a complete discount source for all of your aircraft parts and building supply needs, and also provides advanced engineering services, and professional builder support as well. AeroCad is dedicated to the future of aviation and advanced new aircraft designs, as we are continually working on designing and developing the next generation of AeroCad aircraft.

AeroCad manufactures the all-composite AeroCanard kit airplane; a 4 seat canard type aircraft with a Lycoming LIO360 engine. It has a 1000-mile range and typically cruises at over 200 mph on less than 10 gallons per hour. The AeroCanard kit plane is also available as a plans build aircraft that gives you the option of buying as few or many pre-fab fiberglass kit parts as you want to help reduce the building time.

We are a complete source for all your aircraft parts needs. As a direct OEM dealer for many aircraft parts suppliers, we can get almost any aircraft part you need. Of course, we recommend you purchase an AeroCanard aircraft, if you want to fly like a pro!

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